Didi de Vries Eliminator World Cup 2022 Abu Dhabi

Didi de Vries traveled to Abu Dhabi where the first Eliminator World Cup 2022 was to be held last Saterday 23rd April. She easily qualified for quarter- and semi-finals and eventually for the finals. Eliminator races are alway spectacular and hectic. You need sufficient technical skills and to be very explosive. Didi has both!

Her start in the finals wasn’t great but then there was a crash that she could take advantage of. She settled into second place, gave everything to ride to the head. Unfortunately that didn’t work out, but what a great performance and fantastic start of the season. Marcela Lima Matos from Brazil took the win, Marion Fromberger from Germany was third.

Well done and congratulations on your second place, Didi!

Watch the final here:



Didi de Vries

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